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COVID-19 Updates

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We hope you are all staying safe as we deal with our new reality related to COVID-19. We acknowledge COVID-19 has changed our way of life for the foreseeable future and we know social distancing is going to continue for quite some time.

It is up to the discretion of each local practitioner to decide when they will start providing in person Healing Certificate services again. Everyone will need to follow all the CDC guidelines in place for their specific service offering.  Please contact the practitioner directly to inquire about their specific service offering.

We will continue to offer Healing Certificate services remotely over the phone/Zoom/or other social media platform.

NOTE: A review of the steps to be done by you when using your healing certificate for a remote session.

  • Provide the practitioner with your Healing Certificate #, ID #, and Issue Date  from your Healing Certificate when you schedule a remote session.
  • When you have the remote session, you will need to enter the fields on the Healing Certificate under “THIS SECTION TO BE COMPLETED BY PRACTITIONER”. Please enter the Practitioner Name, Date Seen, and Service provided on the actual healing certificate.
  • Provide an image of the completed Healing Certificate to the practitioner when you have the remote session.  Most people can capture a photo of the Healing Certificate with their cell phone and email or text it to the practitioner.
  • If you cannot take a photo of the completed Healing Certificate, please mail the completed Healing Certificate to the HCF at 45 2nd Street Pike, Suite 100 Southampton, PA 18966
  • Feel free to contact the HCF administrator by phone at 215 840-8630 or via email at admin@hcfbucks.org with any questions.
Practitioner Name Contact Information Services Offered
Donna Adams Ackerman 954-290-8313 Healing Touch
Sue Baughman suebpsychology@gmail.com



Energy Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT) Therapy, also called tapping
Yvonne Fisher 215-206-5074 Bowenwork
Emily Johnson 925-971-1478 Certified Holistic Nutrition
Karen Jayne 610-304-5966 Life Coaching
Penny Martin-Holly 215-499-2412 Healing Touch, Surgical Coaching
Jodi Hutchinson 302-545-3300 Energy Therapy
Chris Kalinich 928-380-0949 Nutrition Counseling
Lisa Rogers 215-485-0021 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Therapy, also called tapping
Judy ViaCava 267-566-3578 Life Coaching
Jyoti Rawlinson 928-282-7614 Energy Therapy
Julie Raffel 215-880-1127 Nutrition Counseling


Some of our programs will now be offered using Zoom. Please check the online registration page for more details.

Feel free to contact us at 215 840-8630 with any questions.