Healing Consciousness Foundation


Health Coaching & Lifestyle Management and Life Transitions – Initial Life Coaching Session

In Sedona we have two practitioners offering Health Coaching & Lifestyle Management. They will meet with you in person one-on-one to review your overall health and assist you with lifestyle management techniques to improve you overall health and well being.

Our In person Health Coaching & Lifestyle Management Practitioners


This initial Life Coaching session is a remote program to help you gain an understanding of where you can benefit from coaching support and whether or not life coaching is something you truly want to pursue. The focus of the session will be on supporting you in becoming present in your life now and to connect within yourself for ultimate healing. The session will help you focus on finding your faith in full recovery and support you in processing and discovering your sexual self after your surgery.

This session will also help you determine if pursuing the Life Transitions & Empowerment Coaching Program is right for you. You will understand what is involved in the program, shine the light on the area(s) you would want to work, and make sure you feel a connection with your Life Coach.

Our Remote Initial Life Coaching Practitioners