Healing Consciousness Foundation


Restorative Yoga

Give yourself permission to tune in and unwind with a blissfully nourishing yoga practice.  Explore effective techniques to “turn on your off switch” and shift out of the mild but often chronic physical state of “fight or flight” that our busy lives can unwittingly inflict upon our physiologies.  Stimulate your ever-present “Rest and Digest” systems, which activate your bodies natural restorative processes for healing, repair, and detoxification.  Use simple movements, mindful breathing, gentle self-massage and conscious relaxation to release deeply held patterns of tension in this session, which is intentionally designed to soothe a frazzled system and cultivate a sense of peaceful embodiment.

The Iyengar style of yoga emphasizes alignment and details about how to use the bones and muscles of the body to move efficiently and safely to promote strength and flexibility. The Iyengar tradition also pioneered the use of props such as blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps, and chairs to help make poses accessible to all types of bodies; to facilitate opening, strength, and safety in postures; and to create a restorative and therapeutic practice for everyone, including those experiencing illness or injury.

We currently offer group yoga classes at Hot Yoga in Sedona and Cottonwood. Please contact us at 928 963-1972 for more details.