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Practitioners & Fitness Instructors

Our Practitioners and Fitness Instructors are dedicated to helping survivors become THRIVERS.  They have completed a rigorous approval process and are committed to providing the highest level of services to our participants.

Sue Baughman | Integrated Energy Healer, Emotional Freedom Technique Therapist (Tapping)

Sue Baughman grew up in Pennsylvania but has been living and working in Australia since 1986. Sue practices as a holistic psychologist with additional complementary training as a yoga & laughter yoga teacher, energy therapist, & mindfulness meditation teacher.  She brings a wise and compassionate presence to individual, group, workshop, and retreat experiences. Sue is passionate about working collaboratively with her clients using evidence based techniques and practices (both mainstream & complementary) that promote self-care, healing, and self-development.

Sue was an inaugural co-facilitator and originator for the HCF sponsored Thrivers! Retreats and one day workshops. Sue has been providing psychological counseling services and Emotional Health & Wellness Group Programs for the past 15 years. Sue is also an accredited teacher with Satyananda Yoga and has been a yoga and mindfulness based practitioner for over 25 years. Sue co-facilitates holistic, psychosocial retreats for people living with cancer, for carergivers, allied health professionals, Aboriginal women, and people living with depression, anxiety, and stress.

David Ackerman | Acupuncture, Barbara Brennan Energy Healing, Chiropractic

Dr. David Ackerman has been practicing acupuncture since 1978. He is a graduate of the four year Barbara Brennan School of Healing. David is most passionate about Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), which incorporates his knowledge of muscle testing, energy healing and Chinese medicine. He is dedicated to assisting you in meeting your goals for physical health, trauma recovery, pain relief, and emotional healing. He has mastered a wide range of therapies based on 31 years as a chiropractic physician and acupuncturist. He determines which therapies are most appropriate based on your choices, effectiveness, and your specific condition. Applied Kinesiology (AK) is utilized to diagnose and treat based on muscle testing feedback from your body.

Donna Ackerman| Healing Touch, Integrative Reflexology, Myofascial Release, Cranio-Sacral, Vibrational Sound Therapy

Donna became an HCF Practitioner in 2019. She brings over 23 years of experience with Energy Medicine practices. Donna is a Holistic Nurse – Board Certified and a retired Oncology nurse. She is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Instructor. She is also a certified Integrative Reflexologist and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. Donna also offers Myofascial Release, Cranio-sacral and Vibrational Sound Therapy. All of these energy medicine therapies provide whole-body relaxation, allowing for healing of Mind, Body and Spirit! Donna is a Holistic Nurse – Board Certified and holds nursing certification in the fields of hospice and palliative care. She has a passion for incorporating energy medicine therapies as an integrative approach in conjunction with traditional medicine and care. One of her greatest joys is to bring light to the world through teaching and sharing the gifts of energy medicine practices. She is published in Energy Magazine, Healing Touch Community News, was a 2016 contributing writer for Sybil Magazine and the February 2019 American Holistic Nurses Association Beginnings magazine. Learn more at her website: www.softlandinghealing.com.

Helena Bacellar | Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

Helena Bacellar believes in the wisdom of the body and the power of the inner healer in each person. She is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist registered with the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America (BCTA/NA), a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Arizona, and a Usui Reiki practitioner. She specializes in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial Release, two very holistic approaches to healing which she has been practicing for over 10 years. Her role as a therapist is to listen to the wisdom that is inherent in the body tissues, fluids and energy field, and facilitate the healing process using her extensive professional training, deep intuitive abilities, and compassionate empathy.

Helena has been living in the Sedona area since 2010 and loves to go out hiking on the red rocks. She is honored and grateful to be of service to others through this healing profession in beautiful and healing Sedona, AZ. For more information on Helena and her practice please visit her website, www.helenabacellar.com.

Christie Campbell | Reiki

Christie became an HCF Practitioner in 2018. Christie has a natural gift and passion for energy work. She has been practicing hands on healing methods for 20 years. Her joy as a Reiki Practitioner is in educating those new to the process. Gentle and attentive, she skillfully intuits and reads the body in order to reveal areas in need of deeper healing. Her specialty is in empowering her patients in navigating their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing journey. Reiki is used to clear stagnant energy, making way for fresh life giving energy to flow. It often brings about feelings of deep relaxation, relief from fears and anxieties, and an overall sense of well being and balance. She has a private practice in Sedona, AZ called Sessions By The Stupa. Her website is: Sessionsbythestupa.com

Tyler Faust | Chiropractor

Dr. Tyler Faust created Higher Alignment Chiropractic with a vision of holistic, compassionate care as the foundation of its patient experience. Visits are catered to the individual’s case and needs. HCF patients are able to choose from chiropractic, acupuncture, and LED light therapy modalities – each having their own advantages to care.

Patients are encouraged to participate in the healing process, and treatment plans are designed to maximize benefits in accord with individual goals and values. For further information, please visit higheralignmentchiro.com.

Audrey Hassenflug | Sedona Livestrong Coaching

Audrey has been a Registered Nurse for 39 years, with the last 3 years specializing in Breast Health Navigation and Breast Cancer. She herself is a 24 year breast cancer survivor and knows the importance of how health and fitness influences our overall health. She is an American Council of Exercise (ACE) Certified Health Coach, fitness and lifestyle enthusiast and is passionate about sharing her experiences and expert ise to her clients.

Sedona Livestrong – The goal of Sedona Livestrong is to provide clients the tools needed to improve overall health. Emphasizing physical and emotional well-being, affects our whole health and when they are out of balance, our health is out of balance. By guiding people to a healthier, more balanced life, we are changing habits – not diets. We are passionate about empowering clients to obtain success, that lifestyle modification can be maintained and achieved. We are here to encourage our clients to be the best versions of themselves.

Jodi Hutchinson | Integrated Energy Healer

Jodi Hutchinson joined the HCF in 2014. She was the Director of the Integrative Medicine and Wellness Initiative for the Holy Redeemer Healthcare System until 2018. She spent nearly 20 years as a cardiac surgery physician assistant championing and implementing complementary healing modalities for patients, families, and staff. Eventually, she made a spirited decision to leave her career and walk across the stages of the world, living moment by moment in total surrender.

Robin Jackson | Doctor of Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine (DAc)

Robin Jackson is a Doctor of Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine (DAc). She obtained her Master’s Degree in 2019 and pursued a deeper understanding of this medicine in her Doctoral work. She has 15-year background as a surgical technologist, giving her a unique knowledge of the surgical process. This mode of treatment lead her to a career in acupuncture, where she can bridge the Eastern and Western perspectives of health. By using acupuncture and herbal therapies, she can help promote the healing of not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well.

She firmly believes in the power of the human body to heal itself. She has dedicated her practice to helping each person restore alignment and balance, giving the body the best possible environment for healing. She believes in a team philosophy, working with each person on their road back to optimal health.

Robin has continued her studies to obtain certifications in Reiki and Nutrition. These complimentary skills further enhance the journey back to wellness.

Crystal Jay | Sedona Livestrong Coaching

Crystal has been a Registered Nurse for the last 17 years, with the last 3 years specializing in Breast Health Navigation and Breast Cancer. She is an American Council of Exercise (ACE) Certified Health Coach and Certified Weight Management Specialist. Crystal believes that any person can achieve their goals and successfully obtain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Karen Jayne | Life Coach

Karen Jayne has been a certified professional life coach for almost a decade and is accredited through the International Coaching Federation. She is also the author of 3 Pillows Down. A wake up call from cancer can be overwhelming and yet also an amazing opportunity. Karen supports her clients in finding the silver linings present in this challenging experience, whether while you’re going through it or afterwards. She helps you become more centered in faith over fear, gain clarity on the current state of your life and on where you want to be. She then supports you in figuring out how to get there and encourages successful follow through. Karen specializes in relationships, starting with the one you have with yourself, and is also comfortable addressing areas of intimacy, sex, and spirituality. Karen uses a variety of tools and techniques to create sustainable results for creating and living a life of maximum fulfillment and joy. Learn more at her website.

Chris Kalinich | Nutrition Educator & Food for Life Instructor

Chris became an HCF Practitioner in 2018. She is a Certified Food for Life Instructor with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and the founder and culinary instructor of Plant 2 Platter®. She enjoys working with individuals and groups to promote and support positive life change. With her passion for cooking and nutrition, along with her background in education, she helps others discover how food and lifestyle choices can positively affect well-being. She focuses on the whole person, valuing the social camaraderie and cultural connections that are associated with food. After overcoming several health issues using the power of plants, Chris now helps others discover how they can empower their own lives with evidence-based nutrition education, through recognizing nature’s gift of whole foods, and by mastering practical cooking skills that result in tasty, healthy cuisine. She helps you understand how to achieve optimum health through the food choices you make and encourages you every step of the way. Yes, we can tackle life with vitality by what we put on our plates. Learn more at her website www.plant2platter.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Plant2Platter.

Barbie Maraviov | Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Reiki for Oncology

Barbie Maraviov was first introduced to Reiki in the late 90’s while going through a traumatic life change. Reiki helped immensely in the healing process and opened her mind to energy healing as a compliment to Western medicine, something she’s felt intuitively all her life. She became a Reiki practitioner in 2008 and then, in early 2018 she became a Reiki Master/Teacher. Her education continued to include other specialties and energy healing modalities including Reiki for Depression and Anxiety, Kundalini Reiki, Shamanic Reiki and Reiki for Oncology.

Barbie believes that her role is a supportive one as the body heals itself, but only when in a relaxed state. The goal with her sessions is to provide a calm, relaxed, experience for the clients she works with. She shares her gained and intuitive—tools and techniques that can be used by her clients on their own to help support their continued sense of well-being and relaxation. A typical Reiki session with Barbie could include first a conversation around what the client hopes to get from Reiki, symptoms they’d like to work on, current state of mind and body, etc. From there a plan is made for how to best approach the session using techniques from Barbie’s training in Reiki for Oncology and other helpful modalities. Sessions could include clearing energy lines, support for cleansing organs, fatigue relief, etc. and always, relaxation. Ending with a discussion about how the client is feeling, any sensations or experiences they may have had during the session, and how they might want to move forward with Reiki. Barbie considers it an honor and privilege to work with those who come to her. She lives and works in Sedona as well as remotely. Learn more about Barbie and Reiki on her website: reposereiki.com.

Julie Raffel | Nutrition Counseling

Julie is a certified integrative nutrition health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC. She also has certifications in gut health and emotional eating psychology. Julie’s path to wellness began when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 at the age of 44. She took advantage of the services offered by the HCF and with the help of several HCF practitioners, she made many lifestyle changes that greatly improved many aspects of her health. Julie hopes to share her personal experiences and knowledge with her fellow survivors and others to help get them started on their own path to health and wellness. Julie is able to assist clients in making lifestyle changes. Julie believes that lifestyle modifications, including nutrition and exercise are not once size fits all. Her mission is to help her clients set goals, implement those goals and make the goals a sustainable part of the client’s life. Julie’s services include teaching clients to read food labels, navigate the supermarket healthfully, helping clients with weight loss, teaching clients the value of incorporating more plant foods in their diet, helping clients to transition to a plant based diet and much more. Julie believes that gut health is an area that most of us need improvement in and she loves to introduce her clients to this ever evolving field of health and wellness. Julie is also certified in emotional eating psychology and she is able to help her clients recognize emotional eating and gives them tools to help them manage this area of their lives. Julie’s 2 favorite mottos are “small changes become big changes” and “strive for progress not perfection.” Julie’s goal is to help her clients heal through lifestyle modifications and become the best versions of themselves.

Jyoti Rawlinson | Massage Therapist, Energy Medicine Practitioner

Jyoti Rawlinson is a native of the UK who spent time in France, Germany, Australia, and India before making the USA her home. She has been practicing energy-based massage since 1990 and began specializing in The Eden Method in 1999, after meeting and studying with its founder, Donna Eden. Jyoti has a strong grounding in meditation and works from a deeply intuitive place, seamlessly moving between the physical and subtle energy bodies, restoring balance on all levels, and untangling embedded patterns that contribute to our ability to enjoy vibrant health and happiness. Her holistic approach sees healing in the bigger picture, addressing a combination of the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of well being. She is committed to guiding clients toward selfempowerment by offering simple, self-care techniques and tools to support clients in navigating whatever it is they are going through. Jyoti is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Arizona. Learn more at her website.

Lisa Rogers | EFT Therapist

Lisa Rogers has been specializing in anxiety and depression relief through the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also called Tapping for over a decade. She is a certified Emotional Freedom Technique Therapist and offers a highly effective blend of EFT and Quantum Techniques to provide rapid symptom relief. Part of her unique service employs muscle testing to assess a client’s environmental sensitivities (food, chemical, etc.), which can greatly impact a person’s health. Her expertise is in working with people who have experienced loss, abuse, trauma and traumatic injury.

Lisa is the founder of The Center for Emotional Freedom, located in Feasterville, PA. Although she does see client’s in-person, a client’s physical presence in the office is not necessary, allowing her to work with clients all over the world via telephone and SKYPE. Learn more at her website.

Judy ViaCava | Life Coach

Judy ViaCava is a breast cancer survivor and thriver who has taken her experience to create a new life for herself as a Cancer Journey Cancer Coach. She is also a Board Member and team of the Machestic Dragons dragon boat team.  She is the founder of Back In The Saddle Retreats. She found the key to following her dreams, and can help you do the same.  As a member of the International Coaching Federation and is a certified life coach specializing in cancer coaching, Judy offers an arsenal of maps, tools, and tried and true methods that help you to move from “Panic to Powerful”!

Judy has had a 25-year career in the healing arts as a bodyworker, and for the past 7 years as a life coach, With this body/mind connection, Judy will work with you as you discover who you are, anywhere along your journey. As a part of your team, Judy will be your confidant, cheerleader, and partner, while holding onto the belief that you are creative, resourceful and whole…and YOU have the wisdom and ability to follow your dreams!

Back In The Saddle Coaching is a program that offers Equine Therapy for breast cancer patients, survivors and caregivers, in conjunction with established equine therapy stables.

Please check out Judy’s website at www.backinthesaddlehealing.com

Pamela Young | Massage Therapist

Pamela became and HCF Practitioner in 2019. She was raised on the Native American Indian reservations in Arizona and Alaska. Pamela has long been connected to indigenous cultures and their healing methods. Her practice has been molded into a synergistic one of holistic healing practices and western medicine, with 15 years working in the medical field of Orthopedics and Pathology before pursuing her career as a body worker. Pamela is able to customize your treatment using the techniques necessary to allow your body, mind, and spirit to begin the self-healing we all strive for. She works and teaches in the US, India, Thailand, Mauritius, and Maldives. Pamela has great love for her work and the people that she works with.