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Yoga Group Class

The spiritual practice of yoga is being in a world that honors, unites and balances the body, mind and spirit. It is all about the breath. We offer group yoga classes to women and men diagnosed with or undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Yoga aligns the body and breathes through physical postures combined with breath awareness and meditation. The many benefits of yoga include reduction in anxiety and stress, as well as a decrease in insomnia and fatigue. A consistent practice of yoga can strengthen the immune system, increase relaxation, and bring an overall sense of peace and well-being.

Sedona Yoga Classes

We are pleased to offer yoga classes to the Sedona Breast Friends (SBF’s) at the following two locations of the Hot Yoga studio.

Sedona Location

162 A. Coffee Pot Dr (in the Bashas Plaza)
928 282-1279

Cottonwood Location

704 S. Main St (Across from Safeway)
928 202-9344

The cost is $5.00 per class and can be purchased from the HCF in groups of five classes at a time for $25.

How to take advantage of the yoga classes:

Pay by CheckClick here to download the Sedona Yoga Program Form, complete it and mail a check for $25 made out to “HCF” to the following address:

45 Second Street Pike, Suite 100
Southampton, PA 18966


Pay by Credit Card at the following link:

HCF Sedona Donation Page

Just select Click Here to Make A Donation and enter “Yoga Classes” in the “Other Donation Reason” field.

2) Send an email to admin@hcfsedona.org with the subject: Sedona Yoga Classes.  In the body of the email include your name, phone number and the amount of your check.

3) The HCF Administrator will send an email back to you when they have added your name to the list of SBF’s that can attend the yoga classes.

3) When you attend the yoga class, please give your name to the receptionist and let them know you are part of the “HCF – Sedona Group”.  The yoga studio will keep track of the number of times you attend a class and provide the list to the HCF on a regular basis.

4) Purchase additional classes as needed.

The HCF has purchased a group of yoga sessions and subsidizes the remaining cost to attend the yoga classes.

Yoga – Sedona and Cottonwood Brochure